privacy policy

We would like to thank you for using our services at RSTV.JP (Joinac Inc.), referred to as "the company" below.
We, the company, would like to reassure all our customers that we recognize how important it is to our customer's
personal information safe and secure. The company has policies in place to protect our customers.


1. Personal Information
Your personal information includes the information we received from our customers that includes name, address
and email address.
(Non-personal information such as statistics is not included)


2. How we use your personal information
We, the company, may use your personal information for the purposes listed below.

・To communicate with our customers including billing and responding to queries.
・To customize our services to meet customer's future needs.
・To send emails and newsletters to our customers.
・To notify our customers of special campaigns and gifts.
・To notify customers of other services that RSTV.JP has to offer.


3. Sharing your personal informaion
We will never share or give out your personal information to third parties with the exceptions below.
・We get prior consent from the individual.
・We may share your personal information to third parties we have a contract with only after notifying our customers
through our website or other methods. Please rest assured that we only deal with companies that have a bonding contract
with us to abide by the privacy policy.
・There is a possibility of credit card fraud and an investigation is necessary.
・Requests from the police or official public agencies.
・Ordered by law.
*We may, if deemed necessary, have to share your information to abide by laws to protect the safety of your personal


4. Implementation of security measures to protect personal information
We,the company, shall endeavor to keep all personal information safe from any loss, destruction or leakage to
others parties. No third parties will ever be able to get access to your personal information at any time.


5. For inquiries relating to customer's personal information.
If customers wish to have their personal information released from the system or they need wrong information
corrected, we will do so in a timely manner. If you have further questions regarding the handling of
personal information, please contact us here.


6. About cookies
1.Cookies are small text files sent to your computer hard drive with the purpose of saving your records.
They allow you to use the web more effectively by letting it know of your preferences.
Using cookies have become an industry standard and will provide useful features to the user.
Although cookies allow for identification of a specific computer, it does not identify the specific user.

2.How RSTV.JP uses cookies for your benefit
・We use cookies to provide customized services for each user to make it easier and more convenient.
With every use of our services, your site gets customized through your preferences.
Cookies will be used when the customers accesses a customized page or when the customers logs in to
his account. Cookies will also be used when the customers makes purchases and uses the shopping cart.
・We may also use cookies to gauge the number of users to RSTV.JP


7. Changes and notifications
We may change and revise the contents of the privacy policy without prior notice.
You will not receive notices regarding these changes and you may, at any time, view the latest policy on
this page.

We will implement this policy and comply with all applicable laws in regards to the handling and protection of your
personal information. We will continue to revise and improve our policies when necessary.